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desperately looking for these mp3s! they're for a valentines mix cd for my boyfriend. any of these would be very appreciated.

beginnings - chicago
i think we're alone now - tommy james & the shondells
stuck with you - huey lewis and the news
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I have been looking for while songs for my dad who is into doo wop music. It's a style of music from the 50's and early 60's and I want to make a mix for him for his birthday which is coming up soon.

He really loves the song "I'm So Young" by the Students. Rosie and the Originals and the Ronettes re-made the song as well.

Don't know the song go HERE<

My dad is really into this 12 year old doo wop sensation called Kid Kyle and the Kool Kats would anyone have any of his songs. He sang a wonderful version of the song.

Or if you have any songs from the doo wop era would be really wonderful.

I know that this is a long shot but I thought why not.
lucy &amp; jude

big favor

hey all

sorry if this get repeated numerous times on your friends page, but im in a crunch

i am trying to put together a big suprise present for my best friend's 18th birthday in a few weeks

so i am wondering if anybody has any songs about birthdays or even just as simple as the happy birthday song. im trying to find as many different ones as possible, so any help is appreciated even if its just one song

thanks a billion!

Billie Holiday - 16 Most Requested Songs

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i  was wondering if anyone had the songs---- black magic woman, by santana, or carry on wayward son, by kansas.  
i'm trying to learn the guitar parts to both...... thanks --- jay
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