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oldiesmp3's Journal

Oldies mp3's
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Welcome to oldiesmp3!

A few rules:

1. Please friendslock all posts. This is a biggie. I would rather not have the community shhut down or sued or anything like that.

2. Here are the current rules on posting, which may be amended later but for right now we're going with:

Music must be pre-1980. As for how pre-1980, I don't care. If you want to post vaudeville recordings and swing, that's totally okay.

Exceptions to this rule:

-Artists who made music pre-1980 and are still making it now. Posting a new song from Paul McCartney or King Crimson is totally okay.

-Songs re-recorded in the original style. This mostly applies to things like classical or baroque music (where no original recordings were possible), big band orchestral music, etc. This does not mean cover songs; however, those are OK if posted along with the original song, or OK to request. (Basically I don't want the place overrun with covers by current artists; I made this community because this music is harder to find in other mp3 communities, and covers by current artists are easy to find there.)

3. I'm not going to make a "one request, one share" rule, but try and share at least as much as you request. Again, this is harder music to find, and the more it's spread around the community the easier it will be to find it later.

4. Please use tags. I won't yell if you don't or anything, but it makes life a lot easier.

5. Please specify file formats if they're other than mp3, especially in .zip or .rar files. I know it's not fun to spend twenty minutes downloading an album you really want just to find your computer won't play .wma or something. Again, I won't yell or anything, but it's considerate.

The community mod is pockettheroach, who can be reached at pockettheroach at gmail.com.